Colloidal Silver Gold

For More information on this product, please visit Colloidal Silver Gold’s Website.

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL PRICING – 50% off the regular 16 Oz. Bottle size.

(All orders will ship between August 1, 2017 and August 7 2017) – This is a PRE-ORDER Special. Please us the Pay-Pal Button Below to Order.


All orders will ship between August 10-17 2017. This shipment will include a 16oz. bottle of Colloidal Silver Gold (pictured below). In addition, a 2oz. eyedropper bottle (empty and not labeled) will also ship with the 16 oz. bottle for application purposes. This will allow the 16 oz. bottle to become a “refill” bottle for the smaller 2 oz. bottle.

[NOTE: The first 25 orders WILL ship with Colloidal Silver in the 2 oz. bottle as an early bonus – this note will be removed when the threshold of 25 orders has been hit].

ALL orders will ship VIA USPS Priority (2-3 day) mail in the USA. All Canadian Orders will ship ground. No orders at this time available outside of the USA and Canada. Europe does not allow the import of Colloidal Silver from the USA.

Additional Option: This special 50% off pre-order price can be locked-in ONE TIME ONLY should the customer decide to sign-up for Auto-Ship (1 bottle per month limit with this offer per customer). This means that if you choose to set-up monthly shipments at this time, you will LOCK-IN the 50% off price FOR AS LONG AS THE SUBSCRIPTION CONTINUES. Any break in the monthly schedule will permanently forfeit this 50% off price. Please see the 2nd. button below for this option.

For More information on this product, please visit Colloidal Silver Gold’s Website.

No other discounts or special pricing options apply to this offer. We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time. All orders will be shipped on a first come-first served basis.

Option 1 – Pre-Order 16 Oz. Colloidal Silver Gold bottle with free 2 oz. “eyedropper application bottle” (Note- the first 25 orders will receive a FULL 2 oz. bottle with the 16 oz. bottle).

Regular price of $39.95 reduced to $19.95 for this order only. $6.95 Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping (USPS) per order.

$19.95 + $6.95 Shipping

Total: $26.90


To sign-up for 50% off Monthly Billing (50% off will apply for as long as subscription is continuous only. Any break in shipments may forfeit this price permanently.) Please use the following button (Note: This option will CONTINUALLY offer a FREE 2 OZ. bottle as well as the 16 oz.) All Shipments are 2-3 day USPS Mail. No shipments to Europe as the EU does not allow this natural health product.

Orders will ship shortly after billing each month. Cancel at any time: