NASA Admits Model Wrong? – Here’s what they might change! Sun Wrong Size?

Published on August 6, 2017

The size of the sun is now in question by NASA! The Flat Earth is causing pressure on NASA and other science related sites and venues. The Great USA Eclipse of 2017 is focusing people on the truth of the cosmos. If you buy from Amazon, you can help support this site by clicking on the Amazon advert first on the website. Thank you! The flat earth model is getting to NASA and science in general. For the first time ever, flat earth believers and those who question the globe earth model presented to us are questioning the science presented with no debate – until now! We now have the software and internet to teach ourselves what works and what doesn’t work. The Great Eclipse of 2017 in particular is what is at the center of this controversy. Now, not only is the size of the moon in question (see my last video) but now the size of the sun and maybe even the distance of the moon and the distance of the sun from the earth are coming under examination. Matrix Busting Website: (both articles found there. Daily Mail NASA article:… Buzz Blog Physics Link (explaining parallel rays, perspective, etc.) :… Music Insert: “Under Pressure” – Queen Colloidal Silver Gold 50% off special (as of this date) – See any post on Matrix Busting website for ad or visot:

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